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Vanuit uw eigen huis en op elk apparaat kunt u onze wedstrijden volgen! Kunt u niet naar de wedstrijdlocatie komen dan kunt u hier de wedstrijd LIVE bekijken!

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FAQ - Veel gestelde vragen

Onze livestreams zijn alleen beschikbaar gedurende een NPC Benelux wedstrijd. Check de wedstrijdcalender voor de wedstrijd tijden. Voor/na een wedstrijd en in de pauzes wordt een advertentieblok afgespeelt. 


Our livestreams are only availible during NPC Benelux competitions. Check the competition calandar for start and end times. Before/after and during breaks we play ads. 

De volgende betaalmethoden zijn momenteel geaccepteerd: Credit/Debit card en PayPal. 

U kunt met aankoop van een ticket op 1 apperaat tegelijk inloggen en de stream bekijken.
Heeft u een probleem met de streamsleutel of wachtwoord? Bekijk dan uw spambox en mail.
Voor extra ondersteuning of vragen kunt u mailen naar info@newage.media


Currently we only accept Credit/Debit Card and paypal payments. 

With the purchase of a streaming ticket you can view on one device at the same time. 
If you are facing issues with your stream key/password be sure to check your spam folder. 
If you require more assistance contact us at info@newage.media


Stagephotos & Videos NPC Benelux

New Age Media is the only official partner for Livestreaming, Stagephoto’s and Music for the NPC Benelux region.
We send the official stagephoto’s to the NPC worldwide federation after every competition.

Official NPC Stage photos Agreement

  1. Upon purchase, you will receive all Photos that feature you and that will be sent to the NPC
    Federation. This includes individual posing pictures, comparisons and if available trophy presentations.

  2. We cannot guarantee a set amount of pictures that are to be delivered, however the average contestant
    will receive between 5 and 15 pictures per purchased class.

  3. We aim to deliver all pictures in two weeks after the competition.

  4. No refunds possible. Payment in cashor card during registration at the weight in or PayPal.
    Stagephotos cost €30,- Excl. VAT at every NPC Benelux event. (€50,- Excl. VAT per class for the William Bonac Classic)

  5. Payment is per division. If you enter in two divisions (Bodybuilding -90 and Classic Bodybuilding) You
    will be required to pay for both sets of images. Same rules apply when entering two competitions on the same date.

  6. Did you compete at an event and did not purchase the stage photos? Not to worry. We have pictures of every contestant as per NPC requirements. You can always purchase your pictures after the competition by contacting us at: info@newage.media.

  7. If you find any issues with your pictures or the delivery of them please DO NOT contact the NPC Benelux or respective contest promotor. The promotor cannot provide assistance. Contact us directly using info@newage.media. Or use our website live chat on https://newage.media this is the quickest way to resolve your issues!

Have you sent us your posing music?

If your division has individual posing routines with music please ensure you have
uploaded your music to Muscleware Platform during sign-up or afterwards using your login.Make sure your file is max 1 minute long and is already cut to the requested start time.

We start all songs at 00:00.

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