We are part of the IFBB and NPC, therefore we are the only bodybuilding association that can help you on your way to an IFBB pro card! If you are aspiring to participate in an Arnold Classic or the Olympia, then you have come to the right place.

With a passionate team and heart for the bodybuilding sport we help athletes to the highest level. On this website you will find the latest regulations and upcoming competitions in the Benelux.

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This Class is for athletes who are competing for the first time or have never made the top 5 in a competition. Everyone qualifies for the Novice.

Available at all NPC Benelux regional competitions.


This Class is for athletes who have qualified in the top 5 beginners or are advanced athletes. Everyone qualifies for the Open Regional class.

Available at all NPC Benelux Regional competitions.

Open Regional

For athletes who have done Novice. International athletes or Pro athletes from another Federation may also compete here.

The top 5 qualify for a Certificate to compete in all NPC Worldwide competitions around the world. That means all Regionals, Pro Qualifiers, Amateur Olympia, Ben Weider Classic and Arnold Classic.

This certificate is valid for 1 calendar year.

IFBB PRO Qualifier

This is your final step as an athlete at the NPC.

At these competitions an IFBB Pro Card can be obtained. This is awarded to all overall winners of the different divisions.

To participate in an IFBB Pro Qualifier, you must be an athlete with an NPC Worldwide Open Regional Certificate.

Preparation And Competition Rules

Follow the button below and select your class. Make sure you are well prepared for your upcoming competition! 

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