De Krachtig Fit Cup zal plaatsvinden in Theater Tamboer, Hoofdstraat 17, 7902 EA te Hoogeveen op 17 september 2023.

De weging is zaterdag 16 september 2022 van 13:00 uur tot 17:00 uur, zorg dat je op tijd aanwezig bent. De wedstrijd is zondag 17 september en om 11:00 uur start de wedstrijd.

Please note that in case of any cancellation of participation, there is no right to a refund of the entry fee by the organization. You order the coach and access tickets through link2ticket and there you can take out a Ticket Guarantee for any refund money of tickets.

Tip for a weekend stay, Holiday park Westerbergen in Echten. Here are most of the athletes staying.

Notice! Registration for the NPC Worldwide is required:


Athletes can register for the Krachtig Fit Cup after registering at the NPC Worldwide using the blue button below:

Athlete Ticket True Beginner €40,-
Athlete Ticket Novice €50,-
Athlete Ticket open/regional €70,-
Athlete Ticket Junior/Masters €60,-
Athlete Tickets Wheelchair €60,- 

Coachtickets €80
Toegangstickets Voorverkoop €35
Toegangstickets aan de zaal €40
Kindertickets tm 12 jaar €12,50 (Aan de zaal: €17,50)
Admittance Ticket VIP €50,-

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